How to Uninstall TunnelBear on Apple pc

The process to remove TunnelBear is different than those of the House windows operating system. With regards to Mac users, uninstalling a software can be a little more complicated, but the procedure is still easy. First, you should stop using the app and then go to the Applications folder and right-click on the X icon. This will immediately begin the getting rid of them procedure. You do not have to empty your Trash possibly.

Now, you must choose the matching icon to open your The control panel. Next, select the program that you wish to remove, and double-click on it. In that case, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the process. After, restart your pc to check that all those the files were successfully removed. You may have to look for any left over files or simply go back to the publisher’s web-site. Finally, you should attempt to find the publisher’s name and restart your computer.

Once the application has been totally uninstalled, see a Applications file in your Macintosh. Click on the TunnelBear icon and choose „uninstall. inches It will appear in checklist. Once the application is taken out, click on the Diagnostic Leftover press button to find any kind of remaining data files. Once you have removed the TunnelBear application, you must see the app’s icon in your Boat dock. Then, select the Trash and empty that. After you’ve finished the steps to uninstall TunnelBear, make sure you reboot your computer your computer.